Optimize Your Health, Fitness, And Body With New Smart Scale – It’s Life-Changing!

Patented new smart scale and app has already sold over 500,000 units and with a 92% 5-star customer rating, it’s making old traditional scales obsolete!

Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge your health by your weight. And losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting healthier – any more than gaining weight means you’re getting unhealthier!

Did you know muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue? Did you also know that muscle also burns more calories than fat?

If you’re exercising and building muscle, your body’s burning more calories at a resting state – which means your body’s working more efficiently while you’re doing nothing – pretty great, right?

But no ordinary scale is gonna tell you that. It just tells you you’re a ½ pound heavier today than you were yesterday – talk about being misinformed.

Ever feel like you’re putting in all this time and effort into working out and eating right only to see your weight go UP? It’s highly likely it’s muscle weight…and that is a good thing.

But again, no basic scale is gonna tell you that.

Scales only tell you how much your total mass weighs. What ordinary scales don’t tell you is how much of your weight is from fat, muscle, bone, and water. And no scale records and tracks these things for you so you can see how your health and fitness are progressing.

Until now!

That’s because there’s a new scale that uses patented, cutting-edge technology that measures 17 essential fit factors and tells you whether or not each one is at a healthy level or not. Perhaps, more importantly, it records these fit factors so you can track each one over time.

Now, you can measure and track the things that really matter so you can make better, more informed decisions on how to optimize your health & fitness!

This Is No Ordinary Scale – This Is The 21st Century Smart Scale

It’s called FitTrack and it’s the first and only smart scale that’s both accurate and affordable! FDA approved, FitTrack measures important fit factors like your Hydration Level, Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat Ratio, Base Metabolic Rate (how fast you burn calories), and 13 OTHER critical fit factors that play an important role in your overall health and fitness!

Armed with more information than just what your total weight is, you can now fine-tune your lifestyle, workouts, diet, fluid intake, and more to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

FitTrack isn’t about focusing on your weight, it’s about focusing on your lifestyle! And it’s changing the way people think about their health and fitness and the way they look at their bodies.

How Does It Work?

  1. Download the FREE FitTrack app (works with iOS and Android devices).
  2. Create a profile by entering some basic info about your age, height, weight and a couple of other things.
  3. Then sync your phone to the scale via Bluetooth. And now you’re good to go.
  4. Next, with bare feet, step on the scale like you would any other scale.

This next part is where FitTrack’s magic happens.

Using their patented BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) technology along with their proprietary algorithms, FitTrack measures your body’s health and weight in only 10 seconds. And the results are amazingly accurate!

Watch This Video To Learn More About FitTrack…

Where Can You Get Yours?

Don’t fall for knock-offs that don’t have FitTrack’s patented technology or proprietary equations. Simply go to their official website here to get your FitTrack.

Your Fitness Goals Matter – So Is How You Measure Them!

Don’t be misled by what those old archaic scales are telling you – they’re lying! With FitTrack, you’ll have the ability to know exactly what’s going on with your body. And then you can make the best, most informed decisions about how to optimize your health & fitness.

Ready to change your life? Then give yourself the best chance to do that with FitTrack.

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